How it work?

What is Crowdfunding?

The simple answer is, obtaining funds for an idea, business, project or campaign (etc) through the interest and generosity of people within your circle of influence, online and off, as well as your circle of people spreading the word to theirs. CrowdFunding is an online, grassroots way to raise money through generosity of family, friends, social network, database, and strangers. It is to ideas and projects what investors and creditors were when there was a lot of money available. If you have a good idea or product learn how to get it through startbycrowd CrowdFunding.

Wikipedia explains it this way:
Crowd funding (sometimes called crowd financing, crowd sourced capital) describes the collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money and other resources together, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations.

Crowd funding occurs for any variety of purposes, from political campaigns, to funding a startup company or small business or creating a business venture.

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Why do people fund projects?

Evidence suggests that people like to help others succeed. Perhaps it’s a “pay it forward” kind of passion. When they find a project that they can relate to, or are impressed with, they are more likely to want to help out, fund the project, and feel a part of it. Other times, it might be the perk or reward being offered for helping to fund a project. The reasons are varied.

What does it cost to submit a project?

startbycrowd subscribers can launch a CrowdFunding project for FREE! Subscribers also have access to additional services for additional charges.

We offer the following additional services for a fee. Call for details.

A variety of marketing services including:
Email to our 155,000 startbycrowd subscribers along with your database
Contact your social media list; Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.*
Creative services
Audio / video services
And much more

Are there any age or other restrictions?

Yes. You must be at least 12 years old with a valid ibbank account I.D. or a bank account, a major credit or debit card and be a resident in Nigeria or in the S.S. Africa.

Do I need to register to fund or create a campaign?

Yes, you can rest assured that we keep your information private and do not share it with anyone outside of startbycrowd, this site or the campaign you fund.

Are donations tax deductible?

This is not a charity or any other type of tax deductible gift, if you donate to a non-profit 501C3 poject, they will issue a tax deductible receipt.

Are there any projects that would be prohibited?

startbycrowd CrowdFunding Projects are for businesses and entrepreneurs!

startbycrowd launches all projects that are legal, moral and ethical that have been reviewed and accepted. We do not accept any project or reward that is illegal, including alcohol, tobacco or drugs, offers any equity or other financial incentive, or contains pornography, or hate materials. In addition we do not allow any type of sweepstakes or lotteries, or contining monthly payments, coupons or discounts. Questionable project submissions would be things such as weight loss aids, fountain of youth elixers, energy boosters, miracle cures, etc. Anything deemed questionable by our reviewers will be denied.

What do I need to create a campaign?

The most successful projects include:

A video (2 minute infomercial)
Featured images, photos, graphs, charts or diagrams
A reasonable funding goal (Maximum 90 day funding objective)
4-5 paragraph story about your campaign (the purpose)
Financial information, bios when necessary
A variety of rewards for contributors based on specific amounts of donations
Your network, social media, database (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc)
Important Note: We insist that you present an honest and authentic case on this site. WE DO CHECK! We will not tolerate misstatements, misrepresentation, misinformation or misuse of any kind. Neither will we tolerate omission of pertinent information. Violations of this provision will result in the campaign being removed and all donations refunded.

Projects of a personal nature, such as vacations, new cars, “help me with…” or other such pursuits are not appropriate to this site. While we realize that many people need help with some of these things, this is not the place for them.

What do I include in my story?

Cover the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your project. Be honest, transparent, and authentic. Explain to a stranger (and your friends and family) what you are raising money for. The written story is typically several paragraphs and describes the cause and the video supports the written story. The more senses you engage the more likely you are to succeed. Engange as many senses as possible.

Be authentic
Explain to your network how this will make a difference
2 minute video overview of your project
Appropriate rewards

How do I market my project?

Marketing your project is your responsibility. Use social media, your database and sphere of influence to broadcast what you’re doing and that you are looking for contributors. Have friends and family start the funding the day you launch to get the ball rolling. Ask them to help spread the word.

Does startbycrowd offer assistance?

startbycrowd’s unique CrowdFunding Center offers you the ability to create and manage email campaigns to friends and family and lets you market, publish, create and manage your project through email marketing, robo-calling (30 second telephone pre-recorded in your voice), links to our network of 155,000 startbycrowd subscribers and integrated links to your social media network. We offer a unique marketing platform that nobody else offers which is fully integrated and accessible through your personal vault on, and your social media network.

After you submit your project found on our Create A Project page, and submit your entire project, then we professionally layout your page so it is consistent with the rest of the project pages. In addition, we will send you marketing tips and reminders to keep your project up to date. When we see that you are working at promoting your project, we may feature your project on our blog or newsletter, on the home page, in the rotating graphic on multiple pages of this site and in social media.

Can I change my campaign after I have started fundraising?

You cannot change your funding goal, deadline or rewards that have already been taken advantage of. However you can update your video, your story or images at any time.

Is there a time limit for funding?

Yes, 30-90 days. We recommend most projects to be 60 days.

What happens if my campaign reaches its funding goal before its deadline?

That’s great! Your campaign will proceed to your deadline and you can continue raising money until the project timeline ends. There is no cap on how much you can raise.

What are Rewards?

Offering rewards in exchange for different contribution levels helps people decide if they will contribute and how much. You can offer up to 6 different levels of rewards. You decide what they are. They can be as simple as a public thank you, a final product, or anything related to your campaign. Review other projects for ideas.

How do I send my contributors their rewards?

You will receive a spreadsheet with names and contact information of contributors to your campaign. If it’s a digital file you should email the final product as soon as it is available. If it’s something that needs to be mailed, it is your responsibily to cover the cost of postage/mailing, please plan in advance for those extras.

Do these projects offer equity?

Not at this time. We may consider adding equity when the legalities and regulations are passed. Funds being offered to any project on this site are to be considered pledges only — meaning gifts.

How do I start?

Create an Account


It’s FREE to create account in StartByCrowd Crowdfunding, an International Social Financial Platform that is powered by iBBank, ideas-Based-Bank! Online Billing and Financing Network. Every new account is assigned a free account. You have to upgrade and subscribes to either Individuals Funding account or Investment Funding account to receive the following benefits provided by us and our partners, sponsors and supporters to help you or your business to succeed.

We have many offers for individuals and business owners, our mayor specialized fields is CROWDFUNDING!

Need capital to start? Get it from other individuals like yourself or through our private financiers, as a client, we help both you and those who have a sound business or technique ideas to fund their projects through Crowd-funding. Financial opportunities to obtain fund for you business, ideas, project, sport, movies, music, church-building or political-campaigns. Project Sponsors to get return for they support of good cause and Investors to invest and support fast and steady yield profit businesses and high techies for both parties maximum profit! …A car without engine can not move an inch.

How do I go about this, do I need any internet qualification or any sort to do business with startbycrowd?

No! in fact, startbycrowd does nearly every thing for you other than you to take what we called: Just Two Steps Road Map to Success:

Step 1. Create account if you don’t have one yet by going to any of our branch office or at our website and register with your mobile phone number, a registration confirmation SMS will be send to the registered mobile phone number.
Step 2. Upgrade your account to service accounts and subscribes to either (Individuals Funding account or Investment Funding account) by adding fund to your account with a minimum of 3,000 and start funding!

How is the transaction Procedures?

To make a transaction, you have to ask for a transaction code through our website or through our billing partner's website, with your account registered mobile phone number. you can do this at your comfortable zone with either web, mobile phone, smart phone, at our brach office, internet cafe or other means in which you can go to our site. A transaction code SMS will only be send to a client's registered mobile phone number, only those who have service account can receive TAN, Transaction Authentication Number. Also, to avoid fraud we advice our clients to always ask for a new TAN number in our website or at our partner's website (iBBank) before any transaction or payment.

Client have to always Confirms transaction code number with the branch manager or with the branch staff before any transaction. Clients can also confirm their transactions codes too by themselves through their account area in our website or by their account area at iBBank website. Just clink at the end of transaction, Confirm!

Types of service accounts:

1 Individuals Funding account with a minimum of 3,000

2 Investment Funding account with a minimum of 50,000

Note: Accounts opening balance is belong to the accounts owner, he or she can decide to withdraw the balance at any time. StartByCrowd registration is FREE!

All balances on both clients accounts are for the account owners in respectively, a client can withdraw or deposit funds, access or ideas on his or her account through iBBank I.D., banks, paypal, 2checkout, credit and debit cards and confirm it in any of our branch offices or on the startbycorow or iBBank website. StartByCrowd is an Ideas and creativity guru  therefore, it’s not just necessary to deposit just cash but ideas and access too, ideas and services are access that worths money which we at StartByCrowd treat as such. Any balance can be used for any thing, any service, donate, invest, withdrew or further deposits. A client can decide to closed his or her account and we will transfer his or her balance if any to his or her choosing bank account. However, for over 3 years in service this has not been the case!

Submit you project  here! International Social Finance Marketplace for Innovators, Innovators and Sponsors, Get serious about your business and join successful small businesses who decided to get the resources they needed! You don’t need to go alone! Startbycrowd is an Ideas and creativity guru  therefore will support you all the way to see that you succeed, A physic and virtual platform for Private and Crowd funding projects …Never will good ideas drained untapped! Turning Ambitious to Achievements!

Important note

For a person to be qualified for this and other additional service he or she has to register with his or her mobile phone number and opens either an Individuals Funding account or Investment Funding account. As an StartByCrowd client, one can be less assured of a first hand support and more clienteles from StartByCrowd’s Continental and Nationwide Networks plus its International partners that means more customers to your business regardless which?


Service provided through iBBank Onling Financing Network!

iBBank provided the following Service to our clients

? BUSINESS: Business ideas & planing… A good foundation that guarantees success: As a customer, we help and shows those who already have their own business an improvement ways of doing business for continuity plus more lucrative Business ideas & Planing to grow. For a start-ups, a sound Business ideas & Planing that will definitely guarantees success. Many business tools which not just grow businesses but keeps them on the safe and secured side, such as Milestone Payment, where clients payments is hold until goods or service is delivered also, no-matter how small ones business may be, he or she has the opportunities of getting their products or services from the right source or direct from abroad through our trusted oversees-partners, the opportunities of Urgent Loans, an emergency cash in the case of urgent needs. To qualified for this service, one has to register with his or her mobile phone number and opens a Individuals Funding account!

? FINANCE: Financing through a Privates Loans, the opportunities of Urgent Loans, Milestone Payment services and etc... service provided by iBBank to our clients. You don’t need to go alone, join successful small businesses who decided to get the resources they needed. For a person to qualified for this service, he or she has to register with his or her mobile phone number and opens an Investment Mobile Banking account where by he or she can be a Finance service provider, Investor or a Finance service beneficiary, Innovator!

?INFORMATION: Information technologies… to bring once business, services or ideas to the world… information is the soul of business: As a customer, it’s our duties to see that your business or service grows more than ever by driving more customers to your ways and provides adequate assistance and informations needed to grow.

Network with our 500,000 members of B2C and B2B

In your account you can invite friends, join events, and get connected with other businesses in your industry.

Ask Questions and Get Answers

In your account you can ask an iExec in Coaches Corner. This section allows you to ask question relating to marketing, social media, direction, acquisition, etc… to help your business. As an EXECUTIVE member you can ask your questions any time you need. You can also ask the community and StartByCrowd Team in our Community Forums. If you have general questions or comments you can create a “thread” in the Forums link inside your account.

Get Low Cost Business Services

In your account you can booked for bookkeepers, business plan writers, paralegals and credit managers at the lowest cost! Please, see details of our information services table on their website,

Service provided through Panpost international procurement

Panpost provides international procurement service to our clients!

Panpost provide a guaranteed procurement service to our clients, purchase and post (Ship) any product any where in the world with a full guaranteed and with a lowest possible price anywhere in the world because of their buying power! Please, see details of our information services table on their website,

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