Hi, good that you are here! My name is Festus Edemeh, Chairman & CEO of  Startbycrowd, a member of  iBBank and Ei Group.

…Brief and Braved History of Startbycrowd and Otu-Uwa community fund

Via 1940s, Otu-Uwa community fund buru was found by Miss. Ogodi, a fund group which then and now are serving many communities in different parts of Africa to send and educate their childrens and relations in school. Also, serving and saving many individuals and businesses from financial difficulties. Up lifting business and life standard all over Africa by not just finance but through advice and informations on modern ways and ideas of doing todays business.

The biography of how Otu-Uwa community fund was founded, in the early 40s, there was this African rapper called akaoche that came out as a great fashion in which every woman at that time wished to have but there was a problem, a financial problem just as its today that only Miss. Ogodi was able to solved and continue to solve till date through her group. The cloth was too expensive and no money! Again, just like how many things we would like to do or have today are expensive and no money. Miss. Ogodi with her wisdom told her friends and relations, i quote, “lets form a fund group where by every market day, we will contribute money to buy 1 or 2 of this rapper for each or two members of the group, at the end of the year we will of cause all have one of this rapper (akaoche). Also, i will be the last to have mine” end of quote. its of this wonderful philosophy that Startbycrowd Crowdfunding was born!

Startbycrowd and Otu-Uwa community fund biography

Via 1940s, Otu-Uwa community fund group (buru) was founded.

1970 Tutor, the savings group was added to group.

1990 Mrs. Ogodi dead at the age of 67 but the group continues to grow.

2000 The group marks the ten years remembrance anniversary of Mrs. Ogodi's death, in which investment group was added to the group in 2001.

2001 Investment group and international money transfer was added to the group.

2009 In house urgent loans and funds group was added to the group.

2012 Startbycrowd social finance platform joined the group.

2013 The group joined iBBank Billing and Financing Network.

iBBank.org, ideas-based-bank! a physic and virtual ways of banking good ideas for private loans or crowdfundings, a social finance enterprise of keeping good dreams alive and Ei Group was needed to combined all the Startbycrowd and Otu-Uwa’s financial dealings and activities under one umbrella.

As you can see, Mrs. Ogodi has every means and opportunity to rich herself but she chooses otherwise for the betterment of the community. Its of this philosophy that startbycrowd crowdfunding today based its core ethics and operational methods.

We wish you a great success in funding your project at Startbycrowd and above, we wish you love, peace and a lots of fun in all your dealings in life. Do good! And do leave your testimony if or not you have a successful bid for others to see what Startbycrowd can do for them. Though, here one can never have a wrong experience, it is a promise!

Festus Edemeh

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